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Exposing the MIAagainstfash Operators Jennylee Molina & Sonia Diaz

It's been a year since the inception of @MIAagainstFash. An account created to harass, dox, slander and intimidate parents and conservatives of Miami Dade. This thread will expose Miami PR powerhouses @soniavdiaz and @jennyleeisme as the page operators.


With a vast network of blue check misinformation peddlers working in unison with the PR giants they carry out slander campaigns and political hit jobs against parents and conservatives of South Florida in full anonymity, but we've tracked their mistakes along the way.

Big mistake was when @jennyleeisme bled her precious 3:05 cafecito branding on to the MAF page. A brand she is obsessively possessive about. Going as far as weaponizing her connections with the @MiamiNewTimes to cancel @CafeBustelo for using the 3 :05 brand without her consent

Many locals wondered how the MAF page gained the attention of local publication @MiamiNewTimes when at the time the page had less than 500 followers Wonder no more. Jennylee molina is a proud contributor of the Miami New Times and has weaponized her connections with the publication to slander anyone who she considers opposition.

In a glimpse of their network you can see @305cafecito reposting Elaine Del Valle, local journalist and mother of Miami New Times writer @JoshCeb who was the first to give the MAF media attention when it had less than 1k followers

A HUGE mistake made by MAF was when they let their PR expertise slip on to the MAF page. A passion for all things PR related JennyLee Molina and Sonia V Diaz used their MAF identities to make numerous references to PR no different than a subject matter expert in the field might

In a very bold move jennyLee Molina and Sonia V Diaz call into @BillyCorben show (another player in their media network) they used a voice changer to slander the @MiamiDadeGOP at around minute 19:01 you can hear Sonia coaching and laughing with Jenny

The BIGGEST mistake came with the use of the pseudonym *Diego" MAF adapted for interviews. Early on they mistakingly left the avatar of an anonymous IG profile they use to monitor conservatives, The profile was linked back to JennyLee after a basic background check concluded that Jennylee's third most used email also uses a pseudonym "Diego"

In a rare intimate moment @MIAagainstFash shared the lighting of a menorah in their home during Hanukkah- a key in correctly identifying the page operators means they must have some familiarity with the Jewish faith.

Jenny lovingly calls calls her husband "Kosher"

Being recognized as an @MDCollege Hall of Famer is something @jennyleeisme is incredibly proud of. Perhaps that is why MAF took the Colleges decision to hire someone she considered a fascist so personally,

Below Jenny creates a "PR nightmare" for the college she claims to love

In another freudian slip of brands. Jennylee Molina the *creator* of #305Day couldn't help but give her grift a little free PR using MAF to celebrate not JUST 305 day but also the EVE of. Jennylee is very good at staying on brand.

Jennylee Molina admitted to knowing a network of journalists who she identified as her friends but would not rat out, as being behind MAF on the Telegram channel that originally exposed her

This was also confirmed via the MAF when they exposed that they operate as a network

NO stranger to doing her dirty work behind anonymous profiles. In this interview Jennylee Molina is identified as "managing several social media groups dedicated to debunking political memes, pictures and videos that were circulating among Latinos in South Florida" as part of her work with Cubanos por Biden. Jenny also explains how survivors of communism are just traumatized and therefore easily fall for disinformation.

Article Linked Below

Another repeat for Jennylee Molina is using her PR contacts to slander anyone she disagrees with. In 2019 an influencer Jenny idolized Tess Holiday unfollowed her from Instagram and Jenny yielded her PR influence to attempt and destroy the woman's reputation without remorse.

Article Linked Below

Of course political hit jobs against Republicans aren't new to her either. In 2021 Jennylee Molina single handedly led a slander campaign against now Chairman of Education Senator Manny Diaz Jr, @SenMannyDiazJr

Article Linked Below

Jennylee Molina has exposed her disdain for republican voters before. As welll as the psychosis to call anyone who disagrees with her political ideology a Fascist, Below Jenny can be seen calling Trump voting cubans fascists.

But of course Jennylee Molina only became involved with MAF through her close friend and professional counterpart Sonia V Diaz of Balsera Communications. Who also believes anyone SHE disagrees with is a fascist- here she is telling Jenny days after the inception of MIAagainstfash

Sonia V Diaz also supports Jennylee Molina in all her "cancel" campaigns including those against Manny Diaz Jr. @SenMannyDiazJr and Cafe Bustelo @CafeBustelo .

The two have been leveraging each other's power and influence for over a decade against anyone that opposes or poses a threat to them.

The creation of @MIAagainstFash cam be traced back to Sonia V Diaz attending Miami-Dade school board meetings in an effort to access the damage for her client the United Teachers of Dade #UnitedTeachersofDade. With parents challenging the union in overwhelming numbers, Sonia sprung into crisis control

The day after this meeting. @MIAagainstFash page is born.

Just a few days after that, the MAF page was was followed and a thread doxxing parents RTd by the official page of The United Teacher's of Dade. The MIAagainstfash page had less than 100 followers at that time. Sonia V Diaz former Vice President of Balsera Communications is an intimate friend of the Unions president Karla Mats.

The owner of Balsera Communications where Sonia was VP at is Freddy Balsera. Hispanic Media Advisor for Barack Obama. Freddy sat on the board of a PAC called Correct the Record with one David Brock who is also the founder of George Soros founded Media Matters. Correct the record-hired people like Jennylee to counter their opposition on the digital space making Sonia V Diaz very familiar with outsourcing troll work like that done by MIAagainstfash.

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It is worth noting that Sonia V Diaz also represents Latin Media Network. The Soros backed media company that recently made headlines in Miami when they acquired Radio Mambi. @radiomambi710

The devil is in the details. There is no subtlety to their operation. Sonia V Diaz lists "I live rent free in your head" on her bio. A tag line used by @MIAagainstFash so often it's become synonymous with their page.

Further exposing herself Sonia V Diaz who's client list includes several Unions. Allows her career specialty to shine through the #MIAagainstfash page. Time and time again exposing herself as an operator behind @MIAagainstfash

Conservatives of South Florida are tired of suffering political persecution at the hands of @MIAagainstFash Please help us stop the harassment,doxing and intimidation by sharing this story and help us expose the harassment endured at the hands of Jenny Lee Molina and Sonia V Diaz

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